Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photography x South Korea

hi guys (: I've been to South Korea twice this month. It was so nice and interesting out there so I wanted to share with you. Follow me and my camera around..
view from my Hotel - Incheon, S.K. x Incheon Bridge

view from the Seoul Tower Platform
‘love padlocks’ x2 - Seoul Tower, S.K.
they made a promise of love (: - Seoul Tower, South Korea
ladybird - Seoul Tower, South Korea
Baskin Robbins - Incheon, S.K.
Paris Baguette in the a.m. yummyumm!!

Zoo Coffee - Incheon, South Korea
Korean gals posing for me (^-^)

Seoul Tower - Seoul, South Korea
shopping spree in Seoul City
eating Japanese food in Korea.. sssh
eating cup noodles while enjoying the view from my hotel room..


  1. Lovely pics! I have a lock hanging on Namsan Tower. :P And your pictures make me miss Korea so much. T_T Hope you had fun! ^^

  2. I've always wanted to visit South Korea..i love their movies,they're so cute! ^_^

  3. @LIZ thank you, I'm happy u like my pics (^-^)aww I really want do do the 'love padlock' thing aswell <3 YESYES I really had loads of fun!! S.K. is awesome

    @KINDY you definitely should go!! It's so nice out there! <3 ha yes they cheesy but still very cute lol