Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Maxi Skirt x Indian Canyons

Hey sweetiePIES <3
I just got back from LA, Cali a few days ago. I was out there w/ my girls, it was so much fun (: This is the outfit I wore during our road trip to the 'Indian Canyons', Palm Springs. Hope you like it.
Enjoy xoxo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Delhi x Photography

hi guys (: this time I'm taking u on a short trip to New Delhi, India with me, enjoy..
taxi to the market
this is how they ridin in India (^-^)
old man selling limes at the market..
colorful handmade necklaces
hot sweet potato
Indian Lady in pink <3
Hope you liked the pics..
kisses &hugs

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Great Wall of China x Photography

souvenir market at the Great Wall of China

find the lil girl posing lol

the Great Wall of China

the Great Wall x2

souvenir market

fresh fruits yumm (^-^)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photography x South Korea

hi guys (: I've been to South Korea twice this month. It was so nice and interesting out there so I wanted to share with you. Follow me and my camera around..
view from my Hotel - Incheon, S.K. x Incheon Bridge

view from the Seoul Tower Platform
‘love padlocks’ x2 - Seoul Tower, S.K.
they made a promise of love (: - Seoul Tower, South Korea
ladybird - Seoul Tower, South Korea
Baskin Robbins - Incheon, S.K.
Paris Baguette in the a.m. yummyumm!!

Zoo Coffee - Incheon, South Korea
Korean gals posing for me (^-^)

Seoul Tower - Seoul, South Korea
shopping spree in Seoul City
eating Japanese food in Korea.. sssh
eating cup noodles while enjoying the view from my hotel room..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casio A168

 hi guys <3 I did a lil shopping at Southpark Mall (Charlotte, NC) yesterday and spied the good old Casio A168 at the American Apparel store. I tried it on and fell in love with it. Unfortunately the watch strap was too long, but I bought it anyways. Soon as I woke today I started doing my research on how to remove links from the watchband. And TaDa after about an hour of asking Mr. KnowsItAll Google, I managed to adjust it. Here are my tips for you.. It is VERY easy, I don't know why I couldn't figure it out by myself. Guess I was scared of breaking it..

I) Step 1. Take a pair of scissors or anything similar (pointed nail file, etc.)
Step 2. Place it like shown in the picture.
Step 3. Pull up the small oblong thing in the direction of the pointing arrow
>> You may move &adjust the closure now ;)
II) Step 1. press the 'mode' (M) button three times (timekeeping mode/ seconds digits flashing) Step 2. pressing the 'start/stop' (S) button will reset the seconds to 00. Step 3. press the 'light' (L) button to choose between (seconds, hour, minutes, date) and make changes by pressing the (S) button Step 4. pressing the (M) button will save your changes Step 5. by pressing the (L) &then the (S) button, you can choose between 12hour & 24hour formats.

I Hope this post was helpful for you guys! Feel free to comment and rate..
Hugs &Kisses

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my CaLAventures

after a very long flight we arrived at the Hotel on Thursday night and had a lil chit chat at the Hotel fireplace. But tired as I was I soon sank into my comfy bed..

The next morning I woke very early probably around 5:30 a.m., so I got up and took some pics of my breath taking view.

After that I got ready for the day.. shower, get dressed, yadiyadiyada.. and then went downstairs to have some breakfast at the hotel restaurant with the Flight Crew. P.s. very tasty (:
Soon as we finished, my friend and I decided to start our first day in Cali with a lil shopping at Del Amo Fashion Mall.

As we arrived we found out the mall opens at 10 a.m. and that we were way to early (^-^), so we took a lil walk around the block and then decided to kill time at the pool.

Around 10 a.m. the shopping finally began (:
The mall was HUGE!! We shopped a lil and my friend got her makeup did at MAC. Later we had lunch at Panda Express..

After our shopping spree we decided to go to the beach, quickly changed clothes and took the bus 3 to Redono Beach. (btw. public transport in L.A. is crazy cheap!! The bus ticket was only 1$) The beach was beautiful <3 and most importantly it wasn't too crowded. It was very hot, but there was a nice fresh breeze. Unfortunately I got a real BAD sunburn that day eventhough I used sun block..

Saturday morning.. Woke late and then my friend and I rented a car and headed to Hollywood.

Soon as we arrived at Hollywood Boulevard we let some dudes talk us into one of their 'Celeb Tours'. I actually didn't like it much, because first their tour bus had no roof, so I got another crazy sunburn on my shoulders and thighs.. Second I didn't really care bout most stars they were talkin about. BUT the tour also had it's interesting parts ;) Now I know where the @chrisbrown L.A. crib is at, where @michaeljackson lived and spent the last few hours before his death, saw all the beautiful Beverly Hills cribs, couple of the 'Pretty Woman' movie sets, the Hollywood sign, Crumbs Bake Shop and the @LaurenConrad crib from 'The Hills'.

Oh yeah my very own tourist attraction was this dude with his three dogs blasting loud rap music while cruising down Hollywood Boulevard. (Yes they were all wearing sunglasses) Haha I think America is the only place where you can meet crazy people like this (^-^)

After the tourist tour we walked down Hollywood Boulevard and did sum 'star hunting' and souvenir shopping.. We met a scary looking Batman, ate sum lunch at this Mexican restaurant and then headed back to Torrance to pack our stuff and get ready for the flight..
Hope you guys liked my post about my CaLAventures! Let me know what you think and if you want more posts of my destinations in the future..

- it's usually cheaper to go to a restaurant than buying food at the store
- tip at restaurants [tax x 2; e.g. tax is 90¢ x 2 = 1,80$ (~ 2$ tip)]
- if you stay at a hotel you might wanna leave tip under the pillow or somewhere with a 'Thank You' note
(~ 1$ per night) for the chamber maid
- the displayed prices in stores are usually excluding tax!
- don't let dudes in the streets talk you into their stupid tours or CDs (esp. Hollywood Boulevard)
- don't bring stuff you won't need anyways! I e.g. brought my camera tripod and my sports gear.. NEVER used it.. I'll leave that home next time haha ;D